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Environmental Assessment

The Schaft Creek Project contemplates the mining and processing of a polymetallic porphyry deposit located in northwestern British Columbia. The Project requires an Environmental Assessment Certificate under the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Act before proceeding with activities related to construction and operation of the Project.

The Project is also subject to federal review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and thus requires a federal approval before construction can commence.

The Canada/British Columbia Agreement on Environmental Assessment Cooperation provides for cooperative environmental assessments (EA) to minimize duplication whenever possible.

The Project has been in the environmental assessment process since 2006 and has been collecting baseline environmental, economic, social, heritage and health data to support the environmental assessment.  The Schaft Creek Joint Venture continues to collect baseline environmental data.

See below for list of baseline studies in support of the environmental assessment.

Schaft Creek 2011 Baseline Hydrogeology Study (pdf - 37.2mb) 

Schaft Creek - Winter Moose Population and Distribution Survey - October 2012 (pdf - 6.79mb)

Schaft Creek Mine Project Application Information Requirements/Impact Statement Guidelines - February 2011 (pdf - 9.7mb)

Schaft Creek - Wildlife Habitat Suitability Baseline (November 2010) (pdf - 25.5mb)
Schaft Creek - Moose Literature Review (November 2010) (pdf - 2.9mb)
Schaft Creek - Engineering Hydrometeorology Report (July 2010) (pdf - 3.9mb)

Schaft Creek Project - ML-ARD Geochemical Shake-Flask Testing of Overburden in the Proposed Pit Area, August 2010 (pdf - 775kb)
Schaft Creek Project - ML-ARD Report on 3D Modelling of ABA Data, May 2010 (pdf - 632kb)
Schaft Creek Project - ML-ARD Report on Acid-Base Accounting and Total Solid-Phase Elements for Rock, April 2010 (pdf - 1.8mb)

Schaft Creek Socio-Economic Baseline, May 2010; (pdf - 2.5mb)
Schaft Creek Land Use Baseline, May 2010; (pdf - 6.9mb)

Schaft Creek Soils Baseline, May 2010; (pdf - 82.3mb)
Schaft Creek Archaeology Baseline Study, May 2010; (pdf - 3.8mb)
Geomorphic Channel Assessment and Channel Migration Hazard Mapping of Upper Mess Creek, January 2010 (pdf - 8.5mb)

Schaft Creek 2008 and 2009 Meteorology and Air Quality Baseline, Feb 2010; (pdf - 8.1mb)
Schaft Creek 2009 Country Foods Baseline Update, May 2010; (pdf - 4.8mb)
Schaft Creek 2009 Baseline Hydrogeology Study, April 2010; (pdf - 4.8mb)

Schaft Creek Hydrology Baseline 2008, Feb 2010 (pdf - 37.7mb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Fisheries Baseline Report, February 2010; (pdf - 18.9mb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Fisheries Addendum, May 2010; (pdf - 488kb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Bird Studies Addendum, May 2010; (pdf - 3.76mb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Aquatics Baseline Report, May 2010; (pdf - 38.2mb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Vegetation and Ecosystem Mapping Baseline, May 2010; (pdf - 48.7mb)
Schaft Creek 2008 Navigable Waters Assessment (pdf - 12.0mb)
Schaft Creek Project ML-ARD Phase 2 Report, February 2008 (pdf - 1.7mb)
Schaft Creek Project ML-ARD Assessment of Surficial Samples from the Proposed Access Road, February 2008; (pdf - 4.7mb)
Schaft Creek Access Route Geohazards - March 2008 (pdf - 3.75mb)
Schaft Creek Project Mountain Ungulate Baseline 2008, September 2010 (pdf - 18.6mb)

Schaft Creek Project 2007 Aquatic Resources Baseline Report (pdf - 136mb)
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Archeological Baseline Study Technical Summary (pdf - 3.3mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Meteorology Baseline Report (pdf - 6.1mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Bat Inventory (pdf - 4mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Preliminary Groundwater Baseline Report (pdf - 9.2mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Noise Baseline Report (pdf - 4.1mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Soils Baseline Report (pdf - 7.5mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Vegetation Baseline Report (pdf - 2.5mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Western Toad Baseline (pdf - 5.7mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Hydrology Baseline (pdf - 86.7mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Fisheries Baseline (pdf - 129mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2007 Tahltan (Country) Foods Baseline Assessment (pdf - 8mb)
Schaft Creek Access Road Assessment - October 2007 (pdf - 1.7mb)
Schaft Creek Project 2007 - Wetlands Baseline Report (pdf - 30.2mb)
Metal Leaching - Acid Rock Drainage Phase 1 Report (pdf - 1mb)

Schaft Creek Project 2006 Hydrology Baseline Report (pdf - 7.9mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2006 Moose Baseline Report (pdf - 7.8mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2006 Bird Study (pdf - 5.9mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2006 Meteorology Baseline Report (pdf - 10.8mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2006 Fisheries Baseline Report (pdf - 18.8mb) 
Schaft Creek Project 2006 Aquatics Baseline Report (pdf - 61.0mb)

Other (Completed) Technical Reports
Schaft Creek Project Prediction of Minesite-Drainage Chemistry, Metal Leaching, and Acid Rock Drainage (ML-ARD) through 2011 (pdf - 15.7mb)
Schaft Creek Project 2008 Environmental and Social Work Plans; (pdf - 13.5mb)
Schaft Creek Alternatives Assessment Report, July 2008; (pdf - 22.5mb)
Schaft Creek Geohazard Tailings Options - February 2008; (pdf - 4.6mb)
Schaft Creek Tailings Assessment Engineering (VA08-00390) - February 2008; (pdf - 16.4mb)
Schaft Creek Access Road Assessment Tahltan Highland - March 2008; (pdf - 1.4mb)
Schaft Creek Tailings Water Management Assessment - March 2008. (pdf - 697kb)