Our Advantage

Why Invest in Copper Fox

Copper Fox’s operating principles include a staged approach to maximize capital efficiency and advance its corporate strategy.  Copper; a ‘critical metal’ is fundamental to achieving a cleaner environment and an important component in a vast array of social and industrial usages.  Our strategy is to provide development stage projects to the copper industry for optimization and production.  To achieve this, Copper Fox has developed a business model that is sustainable over the longer term but also allows corporate flexibility to respond to market trends.

Our success is based on a steadfast commitment to all stakeholders and the expertise to advance and execute the business model.

To sustain the business model, Copper Fox assembled a portfolio of exploration and development stage projects, all located in Tier 1, proven mining districts.  Sustaining the business model relies on transitioning our exploration stage projects to the development stage.  The milestone event in this process is the ability to establish a resource and the data continues to support the interpretation that the exploration project has potential to host a large porphyry copper deposit.  Development stage projects require different skill sets; focussing on project valuation and identifying potential enhancements to surface additional value with the objective of advancing the project towards a monetization event.  Employing this approach, our investment advantage can be summed up as follows:

  1. Two development stage projects with robust project economics and identified optimization opportunities to enhance value.
  2. Multi billion-pound copper resources with significant by-product credits and potential for resource expansion and/or new discoveries.
  3. Three exploration stage projects each with large mineralized porphyry footprints.
  4. Leverage to drilling success and commodity price increases.
  5. Projects located in Tier 1, proven mining districts in geopolitically stable jurisdictions.
  6. Insiders are shareholders, owning approximately 58% of the equity in the Company.